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5 Winter Activities to do in Breckenridge if you do not ski or snowboard

By Ethan Hedman

There are tons of things to do during the winter in Breckenridge. So, we have provided 5 activities to do if you do not ski or snowboard. Here in Breckenridge, we’re known for our amazing ski resorts. People come from all across the globe to ski and snowboard here at the ski resort in Breckenridge. While there are many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors during all months – by far winter is the busiest time. However, just because skiing and snowboarding make Breckenridge famous, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things for folks of all ages and abilities to participate in! In this list, we’ll go over 5 activities to do in Breckenridge if skiing or snowboarding just isn’t for you. 

5 winter activities to do in Breckenridge if you do not ski or snowboard: Breweries and Distilleries

Winter activities if you do not ski or snowboard: Exploring the Continental Divide  

When visiting such a special place like Breckenridge, it’s important to know that it is special beyond skiing and snowboarding. This town lies just minutes away from the continental divide here in the western slope. With incredible lakes and trails surrounding Breckenridge, you can’t go wrong with a day trip to one of these destinations. Additionally, there are great tours that can take you from Breckenridge to locations in our surrounding mountains – leading you to some of the best vistas that Colorado has to offer.

Winter activities if you do not ski or snowboard: Local Breweries and Distilleries

What some people don’t usually think of when they think of Breckenridge is our breweries and distilleries. Breckenridge alone is home to 8 breweries and distilleries that produce outstanding spirits for Summit county and more. There’s a company in Breck that will take you on a bike tour of the breweries even during the winter! It begins in La Cima mall in Breck, and you bike approximately 4 miles on ‘fat bikes’ that can handle the snow and winter terrain. You arrive at various tasting locations for various Breckenridge-based spirits, and then head back. This is a great way to be in the snow and enjoy the outdoors while avoiding the crowded ski mountains. 


5 winter activities to do in Breckenridge if you do not ski or snowboard: Fishing

. Winter activities if you do not ski or snowboard: Learn Breckenridge History

While there are certainly a plethora of outdoor activities, our indoor activities are certainly also a draw. Breck was established in 1859 in the midst of the gold rush and westward expansion. The town is rich in history with a background in gold mines and post-civil war past. There are several history and ghost tours in the town of Breckenridge and in the surrounding mountains. The Heritage Alliance here in town provides tours that focus on several different topics. From the historical sites, 19th century saloons, and even sites known for being ‘haunted’ you can definitely get your fill of Breckenridge history.

Winter activities if you do not ski or snowboard: Fishing

If getting in the great outdoors is still for you, there are better, more accessible, and lower-pressure activities that you can take part in around Breckenridge, even during winter. One of the most popular activities not only in Breckenridge, but in the entire western slope, is fishing. This is a great, low-energy activity that can be done in a variety of places. Whether you are ice fishing in lakes, or fly fishing in streams and rivers – a variety of trout and salmon can be found here in Colorado. If you’re looking for a great adventure and to connect with nature, try fishing. It is a great way to do so in a remote setting, look to Dillon Reservoir for your next outing!

Winter activities if you do not ski or snowboard: Eat your way through Breckenridge

Something Breckenridge is known for is our food selection. In Breckenridge, cuisines from all over can be found. Everything from French to Italian can be found on main street downtown. A new restaurant on the scene is Mount Golian Grill, a family-owned Mongolian restaurant right in the heart of downtown Breck. This place allows you to create your own Mongolian bowl. Choose a protein, along with a starch like noodles or rice, veggies, and topped off with a house-made sauce. With their bowl serving style, you can dine in or easily take it on the go for your Breckenridge adventure. With cold temperatures, you can get the best of both worlds – a warm bowl creation to give you the energy you need to make it though your winter activity in Breck and a tasty meal with its very roots in Mongolian tradition and culture.

5 winter activities to do in Breckenridge if you do not ski or snowboard

Whether you want to climb the highest peak, or wait on a giant salmon riverside, Breckenridge is a must-see destination for folks of all backgrounds and abilities. In conclusion, with so many non-skiing and snowboarding-related activities, make sure to take some time and relax with a drink and some of the wonderful food from amazing restaurants that call Breckenridge home!

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