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Thanksgiving in Breckenridge

By Ethan Hedman

Why not spend Thanksgiving in Breckenridge? When people think of Breckenridge in the fall and winter, they usually are thinking of skiing or snowboarding. It makes sense: Breckenridge is one of the best places in North America for winter sports. With three world-class ski resorts nearby, professionals and novices alike are drawn to Summit County at the beginning of the season which is usually around the second week of November. What some people sometimes miss is how great a town Breckenridge is when they aren’t on the slopes. The restaurants, the tours, the bars, and the sightseeing are all top notch – so make sure to get the full Summit County experience when you spend your next Thanksgiving in Breckenridge.  Here are four tips for spending your Thanksgiving holiday in Breckenridge!

Thanksgiving in Breckenridge

Thanksgiving in Breckenridge Activity: Stargazing

Breckenridge has some of the best skiing and snowboarding because of the towering mountains and remote runs that it has available. What goes along with that is how remote the town itself can be from light pollution. This means that Breck is one of the best spots not only in Colorado, but all in the Rocky Mountains. Whether through a company or on your own, make sure to go stargazing on one of the hundreds of clear nights we have every year! 

Thanksgiving in Breckenridge: Bars and Breweries

Breckenridge also has some prolific bars and breweries. One of the most well-known establishments in Breckenridge is Apres Handcrafted Libations. This spot has craft beers and a plethora of hand-crafted cocktails. We here at Mount Golian Grill also have an extensive list of beer, wine, and cocktails to accompany your Mongolian bowl creation. Whether relaxing after a morning on the slopes, or working remotely, stop by one of the great bars and breweries we have to offer here in Breck.

Thanksgiving in Breckenridge

Thanksgiving in Breckenridge Activities: Tours

This great year-round town is in the beautiful Tenmile canyon. Initially settled in for its access to gold mines, there are numerous ghost stories that accompany history like this. There is a company called Breckenridge Tours that provides a few tours – one of them is called ‘Ghostly Tales’ and involves the spooky stories that take place right here in and around the old mines of Summit County. Make sure to pack a lunch courtesy of Mount Golian Grill so that you have the delicious food you need to survive the ghost stories and take in the beauty of the Tenmile Canyon.

Thanksgiving in Breckenridge: Restaurants

Most people know that Breckenridge has some of the best restaurants in the Western Slope. What they might not know is that many of those restaurants are open all year-round. From Cabin Coffee Co that will serve your caffeine needs, to Tin Plate for pizza – Breckenridge has it all. A new addition to Breck’s repertoire, Mount Golian Grill aims to serve locals and visitors to the slopes alike with delicious and nutritious bowls that introduce people to a taste of the Mongolian Steppe. Served in bowl portions with a protein, starch, veggies of your choice, and topped off with one of our house-made sauces. Even if you’re going up to the mountains for skiing, bring up a Mongolian bowl creation from Mount Golian Grill to get the most out of your Bluebird Day!

Thanksgiving in Breckenridge

In conclusion, winter is one of the best times to visit Breckenridge. Skiing, the tours, the sights, and even the nighttime entertainment are calling your name! Thanksgiving is about getting together with those you care about most and enjoying food, the views, and each other’s company. Breckenridge embodies all those ideals throughout the year, but especially when winter begins, and people gather around the fire. Summit County is one of the best spots to enjoy the holiday season, especially Breckenridge. Should you choose to spend Thanksgiving in Breckenridge, make sure to get the most out of your experience this holiday season by taking advantage of all this special place has to offer. See the sights, visit the best bars, and eat the best food Breck – and Mount Golian Grill – has to offer during your Thanksgiving in Breckenridge!

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