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Winter Activities in Breckenridge

By Ethan Hedman

There are tons of winter activities to do in Breckenridge. It can be tricky deciding when to visit Breckenridge, Colorado. During the spring and fall, we have what is referred to as ‘mud season’ – where the slopes are closed but the trails are too muddy for hiking. However, Summer is packed with folks flocking to the mountains to escape the heat of the plains and explore the beautiful trails. No matter what time of year you head up to the mountains, there are plenty of great restaurants open year-round! Breck, however, is not called a ski town for no reason. Breckenridge hosts some of the best skiing the country, and world, has to offer. Moreover, this is why Breck is one of the best spots to spend your next winter adventure. Here are some of Mount Golian Grill’s favorite Winter Activities in Breckenridge!

Winter activities in Breckenridge: Ice Fishing

Winter Activities in Breckenridge: Ice Fishing

Firstly, Breckenridge is home to some of the best fishing in Colorado. With an abundance of major rivers, streams, and mountain lakes, Summit County has some of the best opportunities for catching a variety of fish. Additionally, in the winter, this means ice fishing! Surrounded by scenic mountain ranges, you can catch a variety of trout, salmon, and even Arctic Char. Summit County is the place where anyone from experienced anglers to beginners can hook up their dinner or next trophy fish. While it is scenic, it can also be cold out there so you should be sure to dress for the weather and bring enough to eat. At Mount Golian Grill, we’re here to provide you with the delicious Mongolian meal you need to enjoy the outdoors. Furthermore, we even have shrimp on the menu if the fish aren’t biting!

Winter Activities in Breckenridge: SnowMobiling

Secondly, if you are looking for something a little more fast-paced, look no further than snowmobiling in and around Breckenridge. Summit County is home to miles of groomed and wild trails that are available for snowmobiling, and with plenty of guided and unguided options – snowmobiling is open to experienced riders and novices alike. Particularly in the Tenmile Range, tours of the various prospecting sites can be found as well as the beautiful mountain lakes found near Breck. Again, be sure to stop in and grab a bite after hitting the trail. We aim to provide a delicious and nutritious Mongolian bowl creation, infused with flavors fit enough to nourish a nomad on the Mongolian steppe, and hope to serve you on your next Breckenridge adventure. 

Winter activities in Breckenridge: Snowmobiling

Winter ACTIVITIES in Breckenridge: Skiing

Finally, Breckenridge is known for its skiing opportunities. Summit County is home to some of the best skiing in all North America, so it’s no wonder people flock here from all corners of the globe to hit the slopes here in Breck. With ski runs for people of all abilities, Breckenridge has skiing opportunities for everyone. Furthermore, backcountry skiing as well as terrain parks are available at resorts across Summit County. Spending time in the mountains with friends and family is what getting outdoors is all about. Up in the mountains and engaging in calorically-taxing activities like skiing and snowboarding requires the fuel you need not only to endure your time in the outdoors, but to enjoy it to the fullest. Bring out a Mongolian bowl creation of your choice to the mountain to give you not only the nutrition you need, but a delicious meal you deserve. 

Winter activities in Breckenridge: Skiing

Lastly, Breckenridge is a destination location for people all over the world during all times of year, but winter brings the magical memories that people take with them forever. From skiing to fishing, to the warm meals at the end of the day that make all the sub-freezing temperatures worth it. At Mount Golian Grill, we want to bring you a taste of Mongolia while providing you with the meal you need to love your next winter activity in Breckenridge. 

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