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Perfect post morning hike food to restore your energy

By Ethan Hedman

Breckenridge is known for its incredible outdoor opportunities and we have the perfect suggestion on a post morning hike food to restore your energy. From skiing to fishing, rafting to camping – people from across the world come to this ski town to enjoy the outdoors, connecting with nature and each other. One of the most popular activities people participate in on their excursion to Breckenridge is hiking. Furthermore, hiking is a great way to get out in nature and enjoy the outdoors in a slow-paced and easy-going environment. While hiking is a year-round activity, there are some special precautions one should take depending on the time of year, the weather, and the difficulty of the hike. 

Morning hike in the rocky mountains

Hiking in certain Seasons

Next, when it comes to the time of year that you’re hiking, there are a lot of factors to consider. During wintertime, Breck is home to some of the best skiing the country has to offer. This means that snow in abundance is to be expected. Snowshoes or spike tracks for your shoes will be necessary to get anywhere you want to go. During the fall and spring months, some of the best views in Colorado can be seen on the Tenmile mountain range. But you should be aware of mud on the trails, as well as fluctuating weather conditions throughout the day. Wind, rain, and cold can throw anybody’s outdoor adventure plan for a loop if they are not prepared for it.

Preparation for Hiking

Finally, one must be prepared for the difficulty of the hike. This means reading up on the distance, terrain, and grade of the hike. Once you know the difficulty of the hike, you can begin to plan for your adventure. This means what you’re going to wear, how much water you need, and what food you need. This last one may be the most important item on your packing list.

Post morning hike food to restore your energy

Post morning hike Food to restore your energy

While there is no one-ticket wonder meal for your post-morning hike, there are a few things you want to look for after your next Breckenridge adventure. First, one of the best things you can do to help your body’s recovery is to fuel up on protein. Whether from meat, nuts, or eggs, protein helps your body maintain muscle mass – it’s why you feel sore – but also why your next hike should feel easier. Secondly, you also want to look for vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which are found in abundance in rice, noodles, and an array of vegetables. These are not only essential to a balanced diet, but they will ensure that you can turn this food into energy for the rest of the day, preventing that ‘crash’ people often get from their post-hike food.

Fuel your day with this perfect Dish

In conclusion, these essentials – protein, vitamins, and minerals – are commonly found in bowl meals that contain some combination of eggs, meat or fish, and a healthy portion of veggies. One of the best spots in all of Summit County where these can be found on the menu is Mount Golian Grill. Mount Golian Grill is a locally owned, locally sourced Mongolian restaurant whose mission is to bring people together with healthy and delicious food that has its roots in a nomadic Mongolian tradition. Like nomads on the Mongolian Steppe, bowls can be created that include protein-rich meat of your choice like lamb, steak, or chicken, with noodles or rice that contain those fundamental vitamins and minerals. Where Mount Golian has the advantage over Mongolia is that you can throw in an array of veggies and top it off with a delicious house-made sauce to get your daily fiber.

Summer sky in Breckenridge

Here in Breckenridge, the outdoors is calling. When you head out for your next adventure, it’s important to prepare for it. Dress appropriately, know your limits, and make sure to get the perfect post morning hike food to restore your energy. Make sure to get that fuel you need to perform on the trail that helps you recover and is delicious. Lastly, Mount Golian has those options and more and is located right in the heart of Breckenridge! Come stop by soon for your next adventure, and happy trails!

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