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Top 4 things to avoid when eating healthy on your Breckenridge vacation

By Ethan Hedman

Is eating healthy on your Breckenridge vacation important? Breck is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth. Not only does it provide so many wonderful recreational outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, but also is home to historical sites and centers that you can’t find anywhere else! A place like this draws a lot of attention from outsiders, and visitors are what make Breckenridge the wonderful place it is. There are challenges, however, besides deciding which run you’ll go down next or which stream to fish first – part of that is how one can eat healthy on their Breckenridge vacation. At Mount Golian Grill, we hope to provide you with not only the healthy meal you need for a vacation full of activities, but a delicious meal you crave. Here are 4 things to avoid when trying to eat healthy on your vacation in Breck.

the silhouette of a mountain during sunset

Planning ahead to eat healthy

To begin, a huge part of your trip is the food you bring along and have waiting for you when you get back. Not having enough food is one of the most common but costly mistakes that adventurers make when eating healthy on your Breckenridge vacation. At Mount Golian Grill, our mission is to bring you a delicious taste of Mongolian culture and cuisine while giving you the energy you need to enjoy your Breckenridge vacation. We recommend bringing along one of our nutritious bowl creations! These are filled with your choice of protein, starch, veggies, and toppings with one of our irresistible sauces. For something like a hike or a long day of skiing, adding as many carbs as possible will ensure that you have the energy you need – all in a hearty bowl creation!

Treat yourself

 Next, another common mistake made on vacations is avoiding unhealthy foods. This is difficult to do on vacation because you want to try different cuisines while also exploring your surroundings. People losing their good eating habits on vacation is as common as it is unfortunate. Mount Golian Grill seeks to allow you to both explore new cuisines AND explore – our menu was crafted with you in mind! We want your bowl creation to take you back to the traditional nomadic life of Mongolia, infusing different meats and seafoods into our bowls with your choice of rice or noodles, giving you the energy needed for that lifestyle. We create bowls that will give you the energy needed for any activity here in Breckenridge, avoiding the pitfalls of vacation gluttony, so that you can enjoy your activity with those you care about most. 

A person pulling a vegetable out of their garden

Eat Healthy with Locally Sourced Food

The traditional nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian people was largely based around herding large animals like sheep, which can be difficult and demanding. Here in Breckenridge, we have the luxury of sourcing our ingredients from farms here in Colorado and our only dietary restriction is your imagination. When you come visit us at Mount Golian Grill, you will get to choose exactly how you want your Mongolian bowl creation to look and taste. To top it all off, you can take your bowl on the go wherever your next adventure takes you. Avoid falling into restaurants that only provide good taste or only provide convenience. This will help when eating healthy on your Breckenridge vacation. Mount Golian Grill has you covered!

Summity County Activities and Proper Fuel

Furthermore, one of the most important things to avoid when going on vacation in an outdoor setting is to know your limits. This applies to both winter and summer activities, as mountain and weather conditions can always change. This helps us make sure we are planning correctly, not only on which route we might take, but also so that we bring enough food along for the journey. Energy is not only central to the accomplishment of climbing a mountain, but also the enjoyment of the trail! It also helps to know that if you ever need a day off, Mount Golian Grill has cozy dine-in options for you and yours. 


a snowy mountain with a sun flare

Lastly, the scenery in any season is one of the reasons why we at Mount Golian Grill are so happy to call Breck, and Summit County, home sweet home. When you come vacation in Breckenridge, be sure to schedule a stop at Mount Golian Grill! We’ll have what you need for the journey, healthy and delicious!

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