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Top 5 reasons for moving to Summit County

By Ethan Hedman

Mount Golian Grill’s goal is to bring the wonderful and historic cuisine of the Mongolian people to the peaks and valleys of Breckenridge, Colorado. We will share our top 5 reasons for moving to Summit County in this article, including both professional and personal rational. The two places, though separated by thousands of miles of sea and land, have similarities in community, weather, and terrain. It is with those similarities in mind that we craft our menu and service. However, when searching for another place rooted in history and beauty, we looked no farther than Summit County. Here are just a few of the factors that influenced us to move to Summit County and call it home!

Chair lift at Summit County ski resort

Summit County Ski Resorts

First and foremost, Summit County is known for its world-class skiing in the resorts and mountains that we call home. Summit hosts three skiing resorts; Keystone, Copper, and Breckenridge. All offer a wide variety and learning opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels. In addition, there are a multitude of back-country challenges available for those looking for a challenge. Skiing is a big reason so many people move to Summit County, and it’s the perfect activity to build up your appetite – build up your appetite and build a bowl to recharge and unwind!


Another huge reason we chose Summit County as our home is the weather. While the weather is a big reason why we play host to some of the world’s greatest skiing, the summers here are just as stunning. We receive over 300 days a year of sunshine, like many parts of Mongolia, and during the summer this pays off. The similarity weather makes it that much easier to bring a taste of Mongolia with us. Typically, we have highs in the low 70s, which makes great weather for outdoor activities. Come visit us in town for a hearty Mongolian bowl creation to fuel your next adventure!

aerial view of Lake Dillon in Summit County

Highest Life Expectancy in the United States

All this opportunity for activity works up a sweat, which makes our home a healthy place to be both physically and nutritionally. Summit County was recently found by researchers to have the highest life expectancy in the United States of 86.3 years! This is due to several factors, but two of the biggest are the abundant outdoor opportunities we have like skiing and hiking in tandem with the balanced and nourishing food options available in Summit County. We work hard to make sure that when you leave Mount Golian Grill, you have the energy and support you need wherever the mountains take you.

Summity County Camping and Outdoor Activities

Mongolians traditionally lived a nomadic lifestyle, using the resources they could find with protein from their herds as a food source. Here in the convenience of supply routes, we don’t always have to rely on those same sources of food, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love to get out and camp every now and then. The opportunities for camping here are abundant, with lakes and trails coating the entire county. Camping, not only beneficial for the mind and body, is a great way to connect with that traditional nomadic lifestyle. To connect with that lifestyle even more – pair it with a Mongolian bowl creation from Mount Golian Grill after moving to Summit County!

Community and Support System

What most drove us to move to Summit County was connection to family, friends, and the community. What brings us joy is bringing Mongolian flavors and traditions to a place we call home, right here in Breckenridge. We have found that the best way to connect with folks is through the everyday activities that they love most – camping, hiking, skiing, fishing. Beyond those traditional outdoor activities, one of the reasons we moved to Summit County was the world-class and picturesque golf. Spend time outdoors at some of the country’s best courses, designed for both amateur and professional golfers alike.

Historic buildings on Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado
These activities and more were the motivators we had for moving to beautiful Summit County. We love the weather, people, outdoor activities, the food, and the benefits that come with living a well-rounded lifestyle with all the above! It’s a place we, as small business owners, are proud to call home. We hope that you choose to visit or move to Summit County soon. Be sure to visit us to provide you with the nourishment you need and the flavors you crave for your journey here!


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