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And to Top it All Off – Mount Golian Grill Sauces

By Ethan Hedman

At Mount Golian Grill, our goal is simple: to take the incredible history, traditions, and cuisine of Mongolia and bring that to the snow-capped mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado. Our passion drives us to hone our craft, providing you with the hearty and delicious meal you deserve after exploring the town, navigating the mountains, or wherever your journey has taken you! In our restaurant, our bowls are meant to satisfy and inspire. This drives us to carefully select the freshest ingredients, choose the best entrées, and complement it all with the most flavorful sauces Mongolia has to offer. You’ll be topping off your selections with one of our delicious Asian-style sauces after choosing your protein, starch, and vegetables.

An array of Mount Golian Grill Sauces

The traditionally nomadic lifestyle heavily influences the cuisine of the region, with the livestock providing the hearty protein they need with consciously sourced vegetables rounding out the dishes. Here in Breckenridge, Mount Golian Grill seeks to build upon this traditional cuisine and enhance the delicious flavors that already exist with our lineup of mouthwatering sauces – blending the history and culture of Mongolia into your creation.

Kheshig Sauce

In Mongolian history, the imperial guard was separate from the regular military, completely dedicating themselves to the protection of the Mongol royalty. This guard was called the Kheshig, and because of this history, we have named our sesame, ginger, and lime sauce the Kheshig sauce. This sauce is mild with some acidity added to complement the food and allow the natural flavors of your protein, starch, and vegetable choices to come to life. This Mount Golian Grill sauce features a bold ginger flavor blended with fresh lime juice and is topped off with toasted sesame seeds.

Mount Golian Grill Sauces - Chili Sauce

Genghis Khan Sauce

Our Genghis Khan sauce is as bold as the man it was named after. Ruling for just over 20 years, Genghis Khan was the founder of what was to become the largest empire in history at the time, incorporating various tribes and conquering all else. This kind of rule comes with a distinct reputation, one that we have kept in mind when blending our spicy chili sauce. This sauce incorporates flavors of garlic and fresh Thai chilis, which is sure to leave a delectable and bold impression on those who pair this with their bowl.

Takhi Sauce

In Mongolian culture, scarcity is a part of the nomadic way of life. Not only a breed of rare and endangered Mongolian horse, the word ‘Takhi’ in Mongolian means spiritual, and it is the heart and soul of this piece of Mongolian culture that we want to infuse into our house teriyaki sauce. With the conveniences that come with a beautiful setting like Breckenridge, Colorado, our Takhi sauce is available to all who want to add some bold flavor to their bowl, with a blend of soy sauce, garlic, and brown sugar to add sweetness you won’t forget!

Mount Golian Grill Sauces - Soy Sauce

Bökh Sweet and Sour Sauce

Wrestling is one of the main tenets that Mongolian men followed, alongside horsemanship and archery. The dualistic nature of this combat is something that we infused into our Bökh Sweet and Sour sauce. Taste these fearless flavors duke it out in your bowl, with a sauce that features a homemade sweet and sour and sweet red chili combo, with rice vinegar, sugar, fresh garlic, and red chili paste. 

Mongolian BBQ sauce

With Mongolians being historically nomadic people, they subsist mostly on Beef, Mutton, and Goat. This diet lends itself well to BBQ-style cuisine and cooking. We aim to add to this style with our rich and sweet BBQ sauce, and  Asian flavors. Blending soy sauce, ginger, and sweet chili, add this to your bowl to enhance your taste of Mongolia – BBQ style! 

Mount Golian Grill Sauces - Teriyaki

House Sauce

You can’t go wrong with our house sauce. This flavorful topping features soy sauce, fresh ginger, rice vinegar, and sugar. Enhance your creation without overpowering any of the natural flavors of your protein, starch, and vegetable choices. 

As you build your dish, you will incorporate a sauce that has its roots in Mongolia, fully unleashing the flavors of the protein and veggies of your choice. Our sauces are made to complement our dishes and have them at their best. We hope you stop by soon so we can share a slice (or bowl) of Mongolia with you!

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