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A Look into Mongolian Cuisine

Mongolia is over 6,000 miles away from Colorado and may have you wondering how a Mongolian restaurant landed in the quaint town of Breckenridge. Believe it or not, Mongolia and Breckenridge have some things in common. Specifically the weather.  Both locations have 250 to 300 days of sunshine! The winters get cold and last a majority of the year. The biggest difference is Mongolia gets a bit more chilly with temperatures reaching -22 F° while Breckenridge’s low temps are typically in the teens. The summer in Mongolia is just a tad shorter than ours but not by much!

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Traditional Mongolian food is dense and hearty to help keep warm on those days it is brutally cold. There is no better feeling than having a hefty, warm meal after a day on the slopes. Because of their nomadic lifestyle, Mongolians relied on a high protein diet from the livestock they tended to. At Mount Golian Grill, you can choose from chicken, tofu, steak, pork, or shrimp for your protein source. Unlike the Mongols, our protein is sourced from local farms in Colorado. 

Mongolia is nestled in between China and Russia which did have some influence on the cuisine. Our house-made sauces are Asian-inspired bringing bold flavors to your dish. Mongolians adopted some Russian dishes like the Salisbury steak for example. The Mongols’ nomadic life pushed them to eat whatever vegetables were available. Thanks to modern trade, we are able to serve an array of fresh and nutritious veggies all year round!

A bowl of asian food with meat and veggies

In traditional Mongolian cuisine, starches and carbs are not typically included in meals. They moved around so much that farming was not feasible. The only time they would eat rice or noodles is when they were able to trade with a group who was settled. You will be able to choose from rice, Chinese noodles, pad thai noodles, or zucchini noodles for your bowl at Mount Golian Grill (we are considered settlers in the eyes of a Mongolian).

The Mongolian Grill also known as Měnggǔ kǎoròu is a large circular grill where the veggies and meat are cooked. The grill is a modern addition to Mongolian cooking. Remember, they were nomads(25% still are) so carrying around a huge grill would create more hassle than it is worth. At Mount Golian Grill, you will select your protein and as many vegetables as you want. We will throw all your ingredients on our Mongolian grill for it to be cooked to perfection! Once your ingredients are done cooking, it will be served over rice or rice noodles and topped off with our house made sauces that will be sure to satisfy! The best part of the bowls is they make great leftovers so you can enjoy your taste of Mongolia again.

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